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Health & Safety

Because we are all striving to improve our working environment, RMH place a high priority on all aspects of health, safety and fire prevention.Each one of us has a legal responsibility and, more importantly, a personal and moral commitment to ensure that our working practices lead to a healthy and safe workplace. Failure to carry out our responsibilities can have serious consequences. A positive attitude to health, safety and fire prevention is beneficial to the business because it improves the well-being and efficiency of employees. The RMH Ltd. Health and Safety Manual sets our aim to provide a healthy and safe working environment for us all. We seek excellence and success in every area of our operations. This aim and commitment means that we must be efficient and effective. In turn this demands that we do everything possible to minimise or eliminate risks to people - Staff, customers or visitors. The main responsibility for safety rests with Managers but everyone also has an individual responsibility for their own safety and that of anyone affected by what they do. So our Health and Safety policy is, in summary:-

To ensure that in all our activities we take proper regard for the health and safety of everyone. At least to comply with and preferably exceed the requirements and standards laid down by law.To ensure that all staff have a safe working environment. To ensure that all equipment, premises and systems of work are safe and do not endanger health. To provide any necessary safety information and training.

In addition all staff must:-

  • Take care for their own health and safety at work.
  • Co-operate in any action taken to comply with the Law.
  • Avoid placing others at risk.
  • Not misuse any item provided for their health and safety.
  • Report any work situation that might be dangerous.

This policy is fully supported by the Directors and will be subject to regular monitoring and review.